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The Book of Nahum


In 1962, Marvel Comics introduced the character of Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, but you probably better know him as The Incredible Hulk! Dr. Banner was a shy, quiet physicist who transforms into a raging muscular green giant every time he gets angry. You definitely didn’t want to make Hulk angry because the comic always said, “The madder Hulk gets, the stronger Hulk gets."  
When we read how the prophet Nahum describes God as jealous, avenging, and wrathful, it can make us think God is like The Incredible Hulk—a guy who just gets angry and destroys things. That’s not how God is at all! Nahum also describes God as “slow to anger and great in power.”  
While God must punish sin, He is patient and desires to show mercy to all who will trust in Him.  
God is jealous for our worship because He alone deserves it. He doesn’t want to share His glory with anything else, and He rightly gets angry when He sees people worship anything other than Him. The prophet Nahum reminded God’s people that He will punish sin, but He will bring peace and protection to those who love and worship Him.  
Nahum brought a message of comfort to God’s people, reminding them that God loves His people and will protect them from their enemies. Jesus also brought a message of comfort, salvation, and peace to His people. All of the enemies of God and His children were defeated at the cross. One day, God will finally judge all evil.  
Why does God want people to worship only Him? 
How can God’s character be jealous and loving at the same time?
How does knowing more of God’s attributes help us to trust Him? 




Pray for those who may misunderstand God’s character. Ask God to show them His love and mercy to help them believe in Him. 


Thank God for showing us His character through the Bible. Make a list of the attributes or the stories that teach us who God is and what He is like and praise him for each of them. 


For Fun
Play a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos® together as a family. Play the board game or research online how to play a real-life version of the game. Remind kids that the point of the game is to get as much food for your hippo as possible. After the game, talk about how God desires all our worship for Himself. While God will one day punish those who choose to worship anything other than Him, He is patient and wants to see all people come to know Him. 
To Serve
Write a letter or send an email to a missionary family your church supports, or connect with a missionary at Use the letter to encourage them as they share God’s message of hope to people. Make a card or piece of artwork to include with the letter that references the words of Nahum 1:7. 

Resource of the month

Our recommended resource this month is the Faith Builder Catechism! This books offers  52 different question and answers for your child to memorize in order to equip them with a sound, biblical theology from a young age.   What make this book so cool is that it is organized into different levels just like a video game, creating a fun challenge for your child!